Request: Metroid Prime Arm Cannon

I’ve been working on a project for a little while now and I would need someone to make a v_model + w_model of Samus’ arm Cannon or simply a v_model. So if you are wiling to take on the request, I will of course give you credits if I ever decide to release it. If you are ready to take on the Request, PM me back plz.
Here is a Video of my work so far and the download file with an Arm Cannon located in it, so you have the model, now turn it into a proper w_ and v_model. Thanks.



If i’m gonna do it i’d use luigimario’s new one, much better looking ^^ (though I do have the one licked above, if you desperately want that one for some reason). Also do you want hands on it because if you do it will be alot harder ¬.¬

Yah id rather the one I showed since I am making the original metroid prime 1 SWEP. and no you dont have to put hands on it. Reply if you accept. Thanks.

As i said I could try, but you’ll have to wait till i’ve got Milkshape back ^^

I’ll do both anyway, if you dont want hands it should just be an attaching job. What holdtype are you using btw? as it will be important for making the w_model.

I’ll be using the Grav Gun hold type, for now its set to pistol Hold type but do you remember what the grav hold type is? And thanks for taking my Request ^^

Says the gravgun holdtype is pistol in the original script, but that doesn’t sound right @.@ I have no idea what holdtype would look right though, none of them really would for an arm cannon :frowning:

ok well just use the SMG hold type for now. If I decide to change the hold type later then I’ll ask you. But SMG should be good.

Oh and I sent you a Registration Key for Milkshape so this way you can get started ^^.


Alright nvm Silver Spirit, I was able to make a V_Model and a W_Model ^^. Making V_ and W_ models is actuall y more easy than it seems. Thanks for accepting anyway ;).

I would’ve said that a bunch of people were working on view models of the cannon when medrop ported the models.

were do you put the files

What do you mean exactly?