[REQUEST] Mirror's Edge vehicles...again

Okay, so I requested these a couple of times but for the first time ever, I have some actual pictures that could make you interested in ME vehicles, and here they are:

Each vehicles has a few textures with different quality.

CPF cruiser




CPF van


This one has an actual interior.

PK chopper


City Eye chopper


A bike(because why the fuck not?)


Well, these vehicles (not sure about the bike, tho) have this problem: normal maps are using different UVs. So basically, they will look bad without normals, because it’s impossible to port that to Source.

Maybe these normals can be processed somehow in Max? I mean, I think it’s possible to unwrap normal map to fit diffuse map, but I don’t know how to do this.

Wasn’t there the same problem with ragdolls? I mean, we’ve got them for Source now. I know that people have been saying something about UVs being screwed up or whatever.

But if that isn’t the case then I’m sorry.

Nah the issue was with static objects. Basically they used multiple UV sets, one for diffuse, another for normals etc.

It’s not that hard to fix (render to texture in max, from one to another should be able to do the trick for instance) but in the past it was impossible to do since Umodel didn’t actually support multiple UV sets.