[REQUEST] MMD Model Conversion to GMOD Playermodel

Hey, I’m not too sure if this is the correct place but I created an MMD model a couple years ago and I want to convert it so that I can use it as a GMOD playermodel, now I don’t know about anyone else but I have tried to convert it and I cannot figure it out, I have also tried to rig and do jiggle bones on a model already in Garry’s Mod, I can’t do that either so, I thought I would come and look here to see if anyone is willing to take on the task of converting my mmd model into a gmod playermodel with jigglebones. If you want to help me please pm me and I will send you a link for the files. Thx :slight_smile:

may i can give it a try i have a little bit of experience with converting mmd models to garrys mod.