Request: Modeller and LUA Coder

I want 2 people to make some models and do the LUA. Iam more good in making idea than models and the LUA so if you wanna help me just post. (maybe you than help my little brother have more fun play GARRY’S MOD)
If you interested replay please. thanks

For what sort of server? What privileges will we get? Do you promise a inflation ratio?

So what exactly is your idea?

So you want everyone else to do the work while you become “The Man With The Vision…”

I just want some people i dont give my self credits duuuh.
i just can’t get that coding and modelling underhand so dont post shit only replays like ok i do. so no shit please

I don’t suppose you might consider learning Lua.

It’s piss easy if you put your mind to it. It also helps if you’ve done some programming/scripting before, but I have a strange hunch you don’t.


And what would you have said modellers/coders create for you?

If you need the coding for NPCs or player models, I’ll do it. But as long as the ragdolls have the right animations. And that’s about all I can code.

What exactly do you want to be made?

That is a big qeustion look i will ask what people want.
If you have what people want they download it than the coder and modeller becomes more populair so more people wanna see work form them and i wil not give my self credits.


Site to learn it?

who can give a good website to learn LUA? i will be happy than.

The best way to learn Lua is to study the scripts which are already out. That’s how pretty much everyone starts.

You can’t learn it in a day, so don’t expect to become a Lua expert overnight.

ok just close this whole thread and delete it.

It would’ve been but you bumped it.