Request Models From Me :D

Hello, I like to rip games in my spare time and so i get lots of models that i just like to play with and what not. And so with that said I will be making a list here of what games i have extracted and If you want any model from that game tell me and i can upload it for you. And if you use it or convert it remember to credit me for getting it for you ^^

Current Games Extracted

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2

Games I plan on extracting soon

Kingdom Hearts 1-2 
Dark Cloud 2
Crash Nitro Kart
Crash Tag Team Racing
Soul Calibur 3 (Possibly)

Models To be distibuted

Auron,Coco, Crash, Hercules, Megara, Sebastian, and Flounder

can you try to rip the killzone 1 helgast?

I dont have that :frowning: Im sorry


And how about ripping Coco, Crash, Hercules, Megara, Sebastian, and Flounder from the games you have?

Oki ^^ The Main reason Im ripping Crash is for CoCo ;3 so ill be glad to give her to you and the others of course i will get them to you as soon as i get them extracted

Oh, I’ll jump in for some Dark Cloud 2 stuff. Freaking love that game. Max and Monica definitely. Could you get their alternate outfits too?

Oh, and do you think you could rip from Dark Cloud 1 also?

Thank you!!!

Of COURSE Dark Cloud 2 is deffinatly my favorite game and i would love to see them in GMod Yes Ill get their altenates and I will try to get My Dark Cloud 1 game out and get the models from their…xD Just cause you like Dark Cloud 2 you will recieve lots of respect xD and No problem Train :slight_smile:

I loved both Dark Clouds, they were both wonderful.

Hell, I even got White Knight Chronicles BECAUSE it was made by the same people and featured a town creation system.

It was definitely different from Dark Cloud, but I liked White Knight Chronicles very much as well.

Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2’s characters were awesome. Dark Cloud had probably the most bizarre variety, but they were awesome anyway. I’d love to see the cast from both games ripped, and then hopefully one day rigged for Gmod. It’d bring me back to my childhood even more. Loved those games. Hell, when I start playing all the games I have to play over the summer, I might have to add those two to the list of PS2 games to go back to now.

Can you extract Auron (because he’s a bad ass mofo)? FFX or KH2 will do.

Yes I can get you Auron :slight_smile:
and I know Im playing like my 27th playthrough of Dark Cloud 2 right now lol i play it all the time

Any chance of some Klonoa models? I’ld like to see some of the characters from Lunita’s Veil in Gmod.

No im sorry I dont have Klonoa :confused:

Could you possibly get some main characters from the Sly Cooper games like Sly Cooper, Bentley, and Murray?

Possibly I have Sly Cooper 3 somewhere i will look for it ill probably get Carmaleta too


Ok then, what about Jak and Daxter?

Yes! Thanks, I hope you can find it.

what consoles are available to request from?