Request models you want from games.

not taking requests anymore, I’m done porting things for now enjoy the stuff I have provided thus far
Star Wars Force Unleashed
Star Wars Force Unleashed 2
Rumble Roses XX
Fatal Frame 4
Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
Spinter Cell Double Agent
Gears of War 3
Lost Planet
Tera Online
Onechambara Z Kagura

Resident evil series
Final Fantasy Series
Illusion games
Ar Tonelico Qoga
**Tenchu: Shadow Assassins models **
Trinity Universe
Star Wars Republic Commando Models
Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 1/2
Atelier Meruru
Strike Witches Models
Lollipop Chainsaw(Down)
Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway
Magna Carta II
Star Wars Kinect
Robotic Notes
Bullet Witch
Ayesha no Atelier
This is not a request thread for putting things in gmod im only getting the models
*Thank you to the community of Xentax for the help and scripts *

We have Kyle Katarn from Jedi Academy. I’d like to see Jan in Gmod too.

Is Metal Gear Solid 4 supported?

Nope only models where gotten from the game, there was never texture support

this isn’t a ragdoll thread just a model thread.

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How about Peace Walker or Snake Eater?

… those are psp and ps2 games, as I said ask for ps3,xbox360

I believe I still have the client for TOR from the beta test, not sure if it will be in there but if I find it ill post it.

If it’s not there, I have the non-beta version of the game installed on my computer. I can probably find the file that you need on my hard drive, if you need it that is.

Would love some TERA-models. To use Totalbisquits words: either slutty elves or angry beavers.

MGS2, 3, and Peace Walker were rereleased in an HD collection for the PS3 and 360.

metal gear solid 4 pmcs looks really nice! i know there are alot of pmc models in gmod already but they cannot compare to the mgs4 pms. please can you try? oh and can you try to port models from Gundam Crossfire?

Any change to get models from Red dead redemption and Brothers in arms hell’s higway?

The orcs from orcs must die?

Hey I have a random question do you think it is possible to port battlefield bad company 2 ragdolls to gmod because i want to give it a try

Can you get the main dudes and dudettes from Gears 3?

And I don’t suppose by some strange miracle you can get Killzone models?

I would like to see Lolo from Klonoa.

Battlefield 3.

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or Farcry 2?

They are just ps2 games with higher res not a ps3 game, its like RE archives on the wii still having all GC files

someone already released red dead models not sure if hes doing more, hells highway I think is supported by Ueviewer now

not possible

If gears is supported by UEviewer yes, killzone not sure ill look into it
edit: looks like no one has been able to export from killzone, there isnt any tools or scripts for it besides a ARC extracter.

Kinda like terms of BF2 in possibility to get the models,
and farcry im iffy about, their devs remind me of team ninja with their long message of “dont reverse engineer our stuff”


Any knowledge if it’s possible to port for example the “LuftSchiffBau zepplin Lz 201” from Turning Point fall of liberty?