[REQUEST]Modern weapon models

Hi , I want to ask for modern weapon models. Or you can give me any thread that release weapon models.
If you have any and want to share it, pls share it for me(for use in 3ds max).
Thank you for reading this.

Try using the search button, and type in the weapon type you’re looking for, there’s plenty of very good modern weapons on the site if you spend dome time looking for them.

Well I always in search for 3d weapon models , especially modern one . I don’t really know what weapon I actually looking for , but as long as it’s modern or futuristic , then I’ll take it. Still , thank you for useful information and helps :slight_smile:

right, because we don’t have enough of these already…

search garrysmod.org or the workshop

Agreed. We have too many weapons to even begin counting.