[request] modification of props_wasteland/cargo_container01b.mdl

I’m making a map and need a container that you can run through.

I’d make a brush version, but the textures are inconsistent and it’s going to be at an angle, which would mess up the brushwork. I know nothing about modelling, so if anyone would like to help me out, I’d be grateful. It’d just have to be a version of the container with the back end removed, like it is up front, usable as a static prop.

The only thing I can give is return is mention in the map credits. Hopefully someone wants to give me a hand.


I would still recommend making it a brush though, if the brushwork is fine the angle will not matter.

If nothing comes of this I’ll have to, but it’ll be a hassle every time I want to adjust it, and it’ll stand out like a sore thumb among the other containers. Not to mention vertices going off grid.

So I’m hoping for a model.

if you can make decent brush model use https://github.com/tuxxi/propper-2013 to turn it into a prop_static or dynamic

Here you go - someone did this waaay back in gmod 9.

Sweeeet. Thanks!