Request: Need a script to simulate quick saving in source games

Hey. According to Benji, he said to make the thread in here.

I’m in need of a script that will simulate someone pressing the Quick Save “F6” key every 5 seconds in Source games that have a Save/Load option.
The reason is I got this unfixable lock up issue that makes it very difficult to play normally, and I have to save frequently and it gets annoying.

I refuse to let this lock up stop me from gaming. So that’s why I need a script that will do the quick saving for me.

My friend thought that by making a autosave.cfg file and putting in the following would work;

bind "F6" "save quick"
wait *250 times. He said that wait is based on FPS, and mine is around 30-50, and that I wanna save every 5 seconds*
exec autosave

When executed, it makes my console not work, and … pretty much disables my keyboard. Like it’s looking for new key bindings but not finding them.

Thanks. That’ll be useful in Gmod. But what about other Source games? HL2 mods and the like.

I still need a script. Please assist.