Request: need Call of Duty 4,mw2 or Black Ops rigged Characters? pls :)

Im looking for Call of Duty 4,mw2 or Black ops full rigged characters (3ds max only) :slight_smile:

I hope you help me :slight_smile:

If you would have bothered to actually take a look around or the Facepunch forums, you would have already found them.

sorry but I didnt find any 3ds max rigged characters … only obj.

No…what I meant was that there are already rigged models that you can find both here in the Facepunch forums and on that are ready for playing with, and that all you really need to do is decompile them to get what you need. All you really need to get first is a program called MDLDecompiler and an import (or import/export) script for .SMD files. After you decompile the models, just load it into 3DS Max and save it in the desired format.

Besides, can’t you just find an import script or something to load .obj files into 3DS Max? (I use GMax and Milkshape 3D, so I wouldn’t really know :suicide:)