[Request] Need for speed underground 2 like gamemode

I Was going to ask for a gametype Like a Need for speed Underground Gametype.
You start out with a crappy vehicle and you race Other players Or do stunts to get more money.
In a MidnightCity map 6 players per a race there can be stuff like Sprint,Circuit,Elimitation
and you can use the money you earn towards New colors for you car Or a new car
And you can probably use Pimpmod to Modify your car and There can also be a soundtrack
For the gametype i have a Rar With music Just add my steamID:Pravact

Sprint: 1 Giant lap in a race

Circuit: Multiple small or Medium size laps per a race

Elimination: Each lap the person in last place gets Eliminated

Map Design: Midnight with different streets,turns etc. Ramps jumps and place to earn money at

It would be MUCH Appreciated if someone could make this for me thank you.

GMRacer. Pretty much everything you want.

Hmmm. GMracer I’ve never tried it Do you have to BUILD your own car or Just use a normal one and add stuff to it?

Yeah, GMod Racer is good.

Try it out, Click here.

Clicking there…Does what?


Ahh It opens a Server I’ll Try it out now thanks

Yeah, it connects to the IP of the server.