[Request] Need help with Black Mesa Cinephys Model (UV Mapping?)

Hi there,

I’m FAMGUY1, the mapper for the Surface Tension Uncut Community Project for Black Mesa. The project is nearing completion, and I’m preparing for the final beta release sometime this week.

One particular problem with a model I’m using has been plaguing one of my maps since the first beta, and I’m pretty sure it’s a UV mapping error. I have no prior experience with modelling whatsoever outside of decompiling and recompiling. It’s a cinematic physics model designed by the Black Mesa devs, simulating a roof collapsing. The model itself isn’t particularly fantastic but it’s the only one which suits the scene I’m using it for perfectly, aside from one serious visual bug:

The top block is just for comparison purposes, the bottom slab is the roof model pre-destruction. All the rest of the textures work lovely but the outside edges of the model are horrendously warped, which looks to me like a UV mapping error. I’ve tried recompiling the model with a different texture but it still warps like that, pointing to the same conclusion.

I have no experience with modelling at all and I’ve spent the past few hours trying to wrap my head around it in XSI, to no avail. I was wondering if anyone could fix the UV map for me, or at least point me in the right direction? I realize that question is a tad cheeky, but of course, anyone who helps me solve this issue in any manner will of course be fully credited in my release; that goes without saying. I’d really appreciate the help, I’ve worked solo on this project from the get-go and it’s so close to done. Knowing nothing about modelling whatsoever, I’d be very grateful if someone could help solve this persistent issue for me.

For those of you who have Black Mesa and might be willing to help me, the model is “c1a3c_small_bunker_roof”, found under “props_wgh”.

For those of you who may not, I’ve taken the liberty of repackaging the model/textures, as well as a decompiled version, which can all be found here.

If anyone is willing to remap the UV for me, I’d appreciate it if the recompiled model were to be saved under a DIFFERENT, NEW filename rather than the old one - so when and if I package it with my project, it doesn’t run the risk of harming/changing any stock Black Mesa assets.

Thank you in advance, hopefully this issue can be resolved easily!

PS - Sorry if this is in the wrong section or is an audacious request - it’s my first post on these forums!

Since you’d asked so nicely, I fixed the UVW problems
Only there’s a bigger, more puzzling animation related problem on my end when it comes to compiling it, with bones seemingly being rejumbled and the actual animation being a spazmodic mess of colliding concrete chunks.
I get this error even when compiling the none-fixed files as-is, so it’s either a problem with the animations being decompiled on your side, or my SDK being weird

If you’ve managed to recompile this prop with the animations intact, then try using
This: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37546036/reference.smd
reference mesh. This is the one where he UV’s have been redone.

By the way, my guess is that this prop had the sides hardly mapped due to them normally being hidden by a brush with the same texture

Well thank you very much my kind sir! I appreciate the effort, and will duly credit you if I find a way to actually get it into the game working.

I too had the same decompilation bug you came up against, with the animation just completely spazzing out. I’ll see what I can do. I’m probably more likely to fix that than I was the UV mapping, so again, thanks a lot.

And yeah, I’d imagine the reason they UV mapped it so poorly is because it was either covered up or viewed from very far away, so it didn’t really matter.