Request, need small spawn doors added to Tf2 map.

Hello, I’m a big fan of the TFC map Rock2, and when I found out someone made an updated version, Rock3, I had to add it to my server.
However, the map maker has not posted in 5 years, and I cannot find him for help.

Here is the problem, enemies can walk right into the opposing teams spawn, all they have to do is rocket or sticky jump. I tried looking at tutorials, everything, but hammer and I aren’t getting along well.

if anyone wouldn’t mind adding team specific doors to these 3 doors on each teams side of the map, it would be much appreciated. The only thing I managed to do was create a horrible sideways door after 7 hours of trying.

Here are the open spawn locations. There are 3 on each side of the map. They are circled in red.

Here is the .bsp file (feel free to virus scan it if need be)

Also, if anyone decides to fix this map for me and is nice enough to change the time to night, that’d be sweet ;D