Request !new animals post

I like to see these in game!


Ranges of areas of Populations Bobcats in USA and Canada —>

list any more what you like in Rust! Animals!

3-eye cat hidden in radtown
Feral dogs

Once there’s boats, giant squids, sharks, jellyfish, sting rays, dolphins, otters…

On land…herds of m/f deer and fawns with pack AI, panthers in trees, ready to wreck your shit, the occasional desert snake, bands of horses, and how about some fucking rhinos!

do like the snakes idea! back to Indiana Jones Country Arizona : “why did it have to be snakes, i hate snakes”

Crocodiles? anyone? Hello?!

Cow, i need see a COW IN THE GAME and SHEEP i need se a SHEEP IN THE GAME
MMMeeeehhhhhhhhh MMuuuuuuuuuuuu

elephants ofcourse… and i want to be able to Ride them… 'n crush your house :smiley: