request: new gcombat and better seats

I have two requests:

a gcombat whith cool effects, nice weapons, and limited ammo. Iknow there is gxc but tested it and
the muition wires is breakeble, the gxc tool doesent work for me -I must therefore spawn entetis from a list whith 50 things and no pics. It also laggs my gmod? many weapons are quite bad some are realy cool
but orginal gcombat is better all through. Is there a gcombat in progress or one that I don’t know about? or do I just whine on good things

it would alsow be great if somone could make an airboat seat who doesnt make you look like you sitt in a pod from the outside sometimes after duped. alsow it would be cool if you could take damage in them like in an aitboat! it’s boring to be imune to damage in a seat!!!