request: new gcombat, better airboat seat

I have two requests:

a gcombat whith cool effects, nice weapons, and limited ammo. Iknow there is gxc but tested it and
the muition wires is breakeble, the gxc tool doesent work for me -I must therefore spawn entetis from a list whith 50 things and no pics. It also laggs my gmod? many weapons are quite bad some are realy cool
but orginal gcombat is better all through. Is there a gcombat in progress or one that I don’t know about? or do I just whine on good things

it would alsow be great if somone could make an airboat seat who doesnt make you look like you sitt in a pod from the outside sometimes after duped. alsow it would be cool if you could take damage in them like in an aitboat! it’s boring to be imune to damage in a seat!!!

ACF is a better alternative to gcombat, as it uses ammo resources, and has realistic functions such as armor penetration and a system of balance, as well as an advanced missile system. You can use it on Sax’s set of servers.
US server (there is an EU server too, I forgot the IP)
Unfortunately it is only available serverside, but here are the models you’ll need to use it:

As for the airboat seat, update your advanced duplicator. They fixed the seat animation bug long ago.


Here are a few examples of some ACF being used:


thanks, realy too bad that you only can get it from servers, why cant they uppload it for evryone
on :(, unfortunetly my gmod doesn’t work very well online but I will give it a try!
seems to be manny who share my opinion.
but would it not be fun to be able to take damage in seats, I think it would be quite easy to do that if you can script (not me!)

It’s because they don’t want people changing the scripts around and making it unrealistic (I think?).

Yeah. If I remeber correctly it was to prevent mingebags from making it like gcombat.

GCombat and ACF are pretty much your only options for now. ACF is probably better, but it’s private. For what’s coming up…

GCombat 2:

Contraption Damage Engine:

I believe there’s also an ACF 2 in the works, but since that too will probably be private, it’s not really worth noting.

There’s also GDC but I don’t think many servers use it.

ACF 2 is live on the G3 servers, you can mess with it on the GGG - Toshkent server.


And acf 1 won’t ever be released because the author doesn’t want to deal with gcombat idiots, and according to him, which i rightfully disagree, acf1 is full of bugs and other shit. What made him come to this conclusion is a user named slimswitch, he stole acf1 and put it on his servers and dished it around, so you can thank him for acf1 never being released.

hold on, is this just a model pack???

IP? Edit: 5 second google search. That was hard.

And I also didn’t know that that was slim. Thanks for that.

To get ACF, just go on the server, then go to your gmod folder, then go to downloads, then find the right dua file(s), then make it(or them) lua, and tada.

You forgot the part where you have to remake all the server files. I.E. The whole damage system.




Great, let’s expand on a buggy, laggy, unoptimized addon instead of actually re-coding it so it isn’t shit.

The fuck are you talking about? Did you even read the thread? It’s entirely rewritten. The only thing remaining is the name.

uh there’s absolutely nothing regarding re-coding/re-writing everything except the use of the word streamlined once (three times if you count the bullshit about how there’s multiple damage systems which doesn’t relate in any way to “optimization”)

How about you try reading it yourself closely instead of inferring from one statement of it being “enhanced.” When it comes to Garry’s Mod, “enhanced” translates to “tacking on 200 useless features.”

Yeah, if you go in with a predisposition to hate GCombat, you’ll probably end up hating it after reading the post.

I’m not sure why it even matters to you so much.

Assuming shit again are we?

and hey, I like how you made no mention of how I’m still wrong about it being unoptimized and coded with the grace of a baboon and went straight to a “u must hate it cuz ur disagreeing wit me :(” argument

I didn’t make the original GCombat, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove there. That was Q42, and considering he didn’t have the massive resources that we do now, he did excellently.

And I’m making an assumption that you dislike GCombat based on you saying

He’s… not trying to prove anything. He’s making the justified argument that if GCombat 2 is built upon the framework of GCombat, it will retain all of the issues that the combat system had. Also, GCombat 2 looks to be exactly the same as GCX or GCombat, which is inherently unbalanced and impossible to use for actual structured competition.

Honestly, saying “You didn’t give GCombat2 a chance!” is a bit stupid when it’s the exact same as GCombat, but with a structured gamemode around it. With a shitty HUD. Why does every gamemode need it’s own damn ugly, blocky HUD?