[Request] Now that we have the rocket launcher...

Can we PLEASE get the ability to Rocket Jump? Like, only if we are wearing full ‘armour’ or something?
Garry, I know you secretly want this. I know it will be hard to force in, but I KNOW you want this! :dance:

I hope garry doesn’t, because I intend on telling people this is possible.

Gonna be great watching gullible raiders rocket their own foot trying to jump over my wall to get into my base. Bonus if I could get someone else to do it on the blood patch left by the previous idiot.

only if we can use c4 the same way;)

I posted the idea on r/playrust and got downvoted to oblvion in an hour. People dont want to jump it seems.

Wow, I would have never expected that. They must all be too serious and anti-fun. I’ll make this a reality even if I have to own a server to do it.

Go play TF2 :stuck_out_tongue:

What we need is catapults for this kind of thing.

I’m not surprised this idea got downvoted on Reddit.

Please, no rocket jumping. I know this is a game, but I like to at least have some degree of realism in it.