Request: Object maker

I think there should be an object maker, i don’t mean like props i just mean general shapes. so you can make better houses.
if anyone does do this/is doing this/has done this please tell me!


They should have,

Polygonal objects (make your own)

and it should have the materials on it too, have a material pack and have and insert material tag thing.


i made a picture but tinypic is being mean


something like that, that’s what i came up with. I made it but pretty terribly. Just a sense of what i think it could be like

This wouldn’t work.
You can resize a model, the the collision hull would remain the same size.

expression 2 holograms do just this, but have no physical collisions

Indeed. This is how I know it is possible.

i know about the e2 things but this is much better, considering e2 actually takes skill… with this you can create them with physical collisions, gravity, and like i said more materials would be cool! and make your own objects

We already told you. The physics collisions wouldn’t really work.

This is not the right forum for these ideas, go post this in lua coding -> requests.
By the way, this tool already exists. Just doesn’t work very well yet.