Request of adding FAQ(frequently asked questions)

Since Rust has gone on Steam, a lot of new players have been asking what i would call “noob questions” and making request because there were some game mechanics they did not like and they think should be changed. Well i haven’t seem a FAQ(frequently asked questions) thread/page anywhere. I don’t know if there is one, but if there is, it ain’t easy to spot.

So i would suggest making a noticeable page/thread were new players could go for a bit of guidance instead of just filling the forum with sometimes random and meaningless posts. And don’t get me wrong. New players are of course allowed to post threads on the forum, to help the developors making Rust a better game, but it would be good if they had somewhere to go before asking for changes in the gameplay.

Edit: I have been playing before it got on Steam and i definetly think some of the posts from the new players are without arguable content (IMO)

Look at the sticky at the top of the page…

Apperently i can’t see the post (i checked my laptop and i found it) Buggy internet brower appearently
It wasn’t quite what i meant though. I am requesting a FAQ for posting on the forum.