Request of an personal model

Now i know i did this before but now i got the details.
Ill try find the materials.

I wish someone could make me an personal ragdoll.
I want its base to be Male_9.

I want Wearing:
A Shirt (Orange/ Sleeves: White)
Skateboarding shoes.(Orange)

And an Flag of finland in the back.

Thats it.

I will thank everyone who takes part and giving me my own personal skin/ragdoll.

Some pictures of what you want would help, especially the shoes.

Heres the shoes.

Heres the shirt:

REMEMBER: The Sleeves: Black and the middle : Darkred. Dont Put that HT-Suomi thing in there.

So something like thoose.

Doublepost sorry but i need an personal ragdoll model.


And Since the first guy was banned, tihs was neccessary.