Request of League of Legends Model (one) (Katarina)

I was wondering if somebody could port the Katarina model from League of Legends to Garrys Mod.
If you could possibly please do that for me that would mean so much and I will thank you now and later! :smile:

If you don’t play League and you don’t know who Katarina is here are some pictures. :3 P.S. She’s my Favorite

Thank you so much!

League models are pretty low quality if I recall. Mostly because you’re not looking at them up close 99% of the time. And maybe you should post actual in-game images instead of art?

yeah the models for League are abysmal and you’re better of making your own or commissioning them, its like looking at a PS1 title in terms of detail

Errr, what a shame. :confused: It would still be awesome to see models from league but thanks for the info guys

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Here are in-game photos:

Quick Bump. I’m working on porting LoL models to source, but can’t find an SMD export for Maya 2013 that works.

here u go :

The thing is converting those to SMD with an intact skeleton.

I have playermodel of Katarina, this one

Rigged with valve skeleton. I can send it for a game of steam (like donation) for hardwork, if you are interesting send me a mp. I can make others playermodels if you are interesting.

You must be daft or desperate, expecting a game as a donation for something that someone else would probably be willing to do for free.

Make a playermodel requires work and time.

I don’t force anyone donate me, I have the model, if anyone is interested, that ask him and i send it for a donation.

If this member find this for free, perfect.

If you have the model and it’s compiled, just release it for everyone to use. If you’re just going to hold it hostage until someone gives you a game (which, mind you, makes you seem EXTREMELY questionable), someone else will more than likely do the same thing and release it without asking for something in return. Although some people may think so, making a player model doesn’t require that much work and/or time if you’re using premade assets to make them.


I got Katarina and Ahri, but they are private models(they are not mine sry, i cant make anything for it D:)

Why post