[Request]Oficial Latam server

I love this game but the nearest oficial servers dtay in US with 250ms of ping and it’s imposible to aim people. please make an oficial server in Chile,Argentia or Brasil. many people play here and don’t want a laggy game.

I dont like comunnity servers because they can banish for day to night.


Totally agree, there are currently a large number of Latin American players, it would be great if we could have an official server, it would be appreciated a lot.

Btw, we and my friends have a new server (Argentinian) hosted at playrust . eu, if some of u wanna know the ip, mp me, thanks, bye :3

i lose everytng in my house for the lag. i’m really really mad i know that the game it’s in alpha but it’s imposible to play with 250ms. even you not have realese the server! i can’t host my server! or buy one on latam! DO SOMETHING!