Request - Opposite-Rigged NPCs

Hello World,
I am working on a machinima project titled The Delta Vector that I really don’t want to give information about right now, except that it is an episodic drama/comedy that is scheduled to debut in February. My request is this: I would like citizen animations to be available for combine npcs, and combine animations available to citizen npcs. Basically, I’d like a hexed version of the combine models (elite and soldier) rigged as if they were citizens, and a hexed version of three rebels (specifically male_07 and male_09 from Group03, and male_04 from Group03m) rigged as if they were standard combine soldiers. Facial bones can be ignored for both riggings. Again, I’d like them hexed and not overrides or replacements or anything. I’d be willing to learn to do this on my own, but I am overworked with this project as it is and I am trying to break a tendency to have airtight, absolute control over every aspect of the machinima. I can’t offer really any compensation besides a special thank-you in the credits and a possible advance screening. Please reply if you are either interested in fulfilling this request or would like more information about this request. Thanks in advance!

Decompile combine models
Delete $include “combine_soldier_anims.mdl”
Add $include “humans/male_shared.mdl”
Add $include “humans/male_ss.mdl”
Add $include “humans/male_gestures.mdl”

Recompile into a new model.

Do the opposite for citizen models.

Admittedly seeing combine soldiers with female hip swaying is somewhat funnier.

Thanks for the reply wraithcat.

Although I do want to learn how to do this in the future, for the time being I have a friend who has done this for me already. Regardless, thank you for the insight!