[Request/Paid] Need some simple pirate themed custom props ASAP. :)

Hey, I checked the rules and the stickies and I didn’t find any specific spot to post this, so I’m hoping this thread is okay to make.

I need some simple props made for Garry’s Mod. I’m willing to pay a sum that we can discuss in private, but I don’t have a very big budget. Those are going to be fairly simple props, you give me the .mdl and texture files and we use them on our sandbox style server as props the players can build with.

You need to actually be able to export them for Garry’s Mod.

I would need the work done ASAP, so if you’re busy with other things, this might not be for you.

Just message me here on FacePunch, or on my forums at LifePunch.net or just add me on steam; steamcommunity.com/id/ilyss

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve sent you a request on steam, so could you accept pls, thnks

You might be able to look into some of the assets used in the Pirate Ship Wars maps for things like lanterns.

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(they aren’t “custom”, but it’s a suggestion)