Request - Partial Solution to Hackers

We are currently at the mercy of VAC to control the hacking problem which does not sit well with most of the community.

We can do our part to support the community in self-governing:

  1. Revamping Rcon commands to show more detail :
    a. IE ‘status’ command gives a list of users, their in game id, their steam id, and the current count/max that is implemented. This will allow accurate bans by server administrators without dealing with special characters and “” names.
    b. A type of gimp command to activate PvE for a certain character. So an admin can make a certain person harmless in a PvP server.
    c. An item locator command to track quantities of items on characters. server.track “Explosive Charge” 10 would show you all characters with over 10 c4s on them.
    d. A toggle for looting boxes / Half PVP. (you can only loot characters) This would also disable c4ing and raiding but still allow pvp. This would prevent mass loss of items by hackers.

  2. Someone creating a fan-based site that kept track of verified hacker IDs and updated a ban.cfg file for download for the sever operators. (I would do this but I’m afraid I lack the time.)

These are relatively simple compared to most of the stuff I’ve been reading. I run my own server and am currently powerless to stop the terrorizing. I get VAC will never be perfect but implementing something for my staff and myself to wage our own war would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for an amazing alpha and am totally looking forward to the future you have in store!
Good luck with uLink!


Why doesn’t VAC sit well with the community? It works just fine. Results aren’t instant, no, but that’s what admin tools are for (which admittedly are currently lackluster, but it’s an alpha.)

I’m glad you bothered to read the rest of my post.

It sits well with you that it may take weeks to months to get a ban wave from VAC? Then another $19.99 will grant someone weeks / a month of hacking.

That is not ‘working just fine’

You asked why it doesnt sit well with the community? Please scroll through the message board and read the post after post of people calling the game unplayable because of the hacking problem. VAC is active and it’s not doing its job. I have a buddy who uninstalled the game because time number 3 of having his entire base sacced (on 3 separate servers) by one person clearly using hacks.

Please do not try and minimize the problem by implying something not being efficient is ok when its ruining thousands of people’s gameplay.

It’s in alpha, so when you bought it you basically bought a game that would either be terrible or super glitchy and fucked up. That’s how alphas work.

Why exactly did you buy it when there’s a TON of people complaining that it’s unplayable? That’s your fault.

Is this forum for putting down people that would like to support the developers in making their customers have a better experience? wow. Yes, it’s in alpha. Thank you 1MILLIONth person to mention that. That’s what my requests/suggestions are for… to move it forward. Please have your reply bring something to the table next time.

FYI I got the game prior to the mass hacks appearing.

The pony speaks the truth, the devs aren’t even obligated to do diddly dick about hackers until the game is officially released. They have until then to work the kinks out, quit all of your bitching, report offending profile, and let things run their course.
Oh and also, garry has already stated his position on this, so all posts about “omg hacks” are irrelevant shitposts indicating you didn’t read the playrust page OR even the sticky for that matter.

I’ll be honest, I’m like 80% sure Garry won’t take this past alpha, he’s made an insane amount of money on Rust already and judging by the posts you guys make in this forum it only took Garry about 15 minutes in Microsoft Paint to make the game.

Ummm… jonny did you read my initial post? about requests for implementation of solutions for a known problem? this thread is about ideas on supporting the community through other means than VAC and ‘omg hacks’ posts… please contribute next time.

Is the entire ‘reply’ community addicted to avoiding the topic and just picking apart irrelevant subjected peripherals? IE: NO COMMENTS on the actual content…

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I’m not sure what you expect, Wiley. Garry probably won’t add Gmod-esque admin commands into Rust as I suspect it’s on a different engine entirely, and until he does (which he won’t) there’s really nothing you can do about it. he’s too busy jerking off into piles of money to care about rust right now, come back in like a year.

I’m really only expecting that the community of an alpha-state game to be contributing to the development of the game. Which is my intention.

I’ve never played GMod so i am unfamiliar with any admin commands from that game.

If you’re expecting the community of this game to contribute to the development of the game, I take it you haven’t read the VAST majority of posts on this subforum. I’m surprised 80% of them know how to breathe.

My apologies, I wasn’t actually referring to you…

Awesome idea. Bump.