[REQUEST]Pay Day The Heisit and Mirror's Edge Swep's

Hi Guys, You can convert the weapons of the mirror’s edge, the payday heisit?
Can I help if I can convert the models of payday :smiley:
if you want pictures I can get!
--------------Mirror’s Edge Guns--------------
FN Minimi
H&K G36C
Barrett M95
Remington 870MCS
Neostead 2000
Steyr TMP
Colt M1911
Beretta 93R
Glock 18

I Only Find This About the Remington 870MCS

Thank God I Find The WIKI!:smiley:

Beretta 93R no have picture(don’t can’t be used by the player in game)

HAHA!ALL PICS BY Mirror’s edge wiki
-------------------------------------Pay Day The Hesit-----------------------------------------------
I FIND THE WIKI :smiley:
Reinbeck =


B9-S =


Brenner 21 7.62 =


Bronco .44 =

Compact-5 =


Crosskill .45 =


Locomotive 12 G =

M308 =


Mark 11 =

Trip Mine =

Leet Noob can do these upgrades in customizable weaponry?
If I can find the models I post them here!
-------------------------------Gun Models-----------------------------------

Thanks and sorry for my bad English
Ignore it if it’s a lot of work

if im right with the mirrors edge models i could be wrong there are only THIRD PERSON models of the weapons no first person at all becouse they used the True first person tecnique aka attach an camera to the Head bone to get more inmersion and full body awarness

Guys i find the models of the mirros edge sweps
http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1159740 Models Thread

I’d code the Payday weapons if you want, Ill see if I can find the models :confused:

these are WORLD models not first person models

Nice idea. Support. Also, someone should rip some Props and vehicles from both games, such as the Payday Taxi and the Mirror’s Edge cargo truck.

I’m sorry if I don’t see what makes the guns from these games so special?

why can’t you just be satisfied with the 50000 M4 carbine, M14, MP5, Beretta 92, M1911, etc. SWEPS already out there? Why???

Cause they’re ugly, crappy, and old.

I’m not talking about the CS:S models, no.

I’m talking about the models in the aforementioned Customizable Weaponry Extras pack.

Stop request in here. This is mod and addon WIP/Release Thread. not freaking request. go to Models/Skin and find someone who can help you.

I think they could be ported along with the animations since Mirror’s Edge uses Unreal Engine.

I am Trying to find models too

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the v_models are the same of the w_models
They put a camera in the character’s head.

After positioning the weapon and animations along with the character.
EA Games said this …

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It’s hard to find the models!All game files have the extension .bundle
Sony trolled us…

Exactly what i sayd (:

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there are No V models just W models that are attached to the main player body

This is the basis of UDK engine
“Unreal engine”

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…The payday unpacks the bundle files on memory them playing,FAIL!

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.bundle files = Mac add-on files for iMovie! - Filestack

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Models\Skins?I WANT A SWEP not a MODEL!

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It makes the game better, more realistic and has some of your favorite game!
I Love halo,Now I HAVE THE GUNS!
I Love pistols,Now I Have More PISTOLS!

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Tutorial to rip models from mirror’s edge
Thing you will need:
3ds max or Maya.
3D Ripper DX
Mirrors Edge and the editor working A tutorial can be foundHereon how to get it set up
What to do:

In the top box browse for the Mirrors Edge.exe and select it.
Then in the command line box parameters type in “editor” without the"".
If you have 3ds max just click launch.
If you have Maya check the also capture to .obj check box and then click launch.
Now just wait for the Mirrors Edge editor to load when it does the first window you see should be the generic browser.
Click on the file option and then open and then load the file CH_TKY_Crim_Fixer.upk or CH_Faith_Cinematic.upk found in the TdGame\CookedPC\Characters dirictiory.
In the list box on the left hand side check the box beside static mesh and select the mesh in the big box on the right hand side and double click on the model. A new window should pop up with the model in it from this window you can change the animation and use that to pose before exporting. When you are ready to export just press F12 and 3d Ripper Dx should start to capture the frame.
Congrats thats it you have exported a model from mirrors edge.

How to Load the Model into 3d Max or Maya:
For max you will need to install the plug in to do this just copy the plug in that came with the download to the max plug ins folder.

The import process for Max and Maya is explain well on the 3d Ripper site so just follow the link. Here

Your result should look something like this:

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Living on the Mirrors Edge.
Talon media player my small codeing project http://*********com/Talon-download It a Beta release.

Thanks to FAPARITH
Works with other models :smiley:

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LINK:Here :smiley: