[REQUEST] Payday: The Heist vehicles

Would someone be able to port some of the vehicles from PAYDAY: The Heist? I’m pretty sure that these would be rather useful to the community and I. I’m specifically hoping that someone would be able to port the civilian vehicles and the police car model (Also, since the police car has a version with the doors open and a version with it unopened, if possible, I would like it bodygrouped. If it isn’t possible, I would like the closed doors version.)

Here are some images as a reference:









I see crown vics and suburbans. I like. I think someone here was porting from this awhile back, but yeah. I’d like to see these too, especially the suburban(if possible, I’d like a copy of the model in .3ds format. I’m good at enhancing vehicles with better interior accessories, radios, etc.). So yeah, whoever’s got this game, lend this guy some help here.

The only thing I remember ever being ported from PAYDAY was the 4 thief models. Also, there are other cars in the game, including Dodge Chargers, a sedan and hatchback that looks something a bit like a Mercedes-Benz, a few International trucks, and more.

I updated the original post with more reference images which show some of the other vehicles in the game.

I apologize for the bump, but could someone help get this ported? I have the game files in case you need me to give them to you.