[Request] Perk-A-Colas And Pack-A-Punch Machines And PaP Weapons

There should be these thing , in gmod
i played the WaW and Black Ops , These Perks was amazing in there
if someone can make this it will be the BEST addon in my gmod

Juggernoug , Increase you health point to 200
Speed Cola , Increase you speed to running speed , when running , run x2 faster
Quick Revive , If npcs are down (it should be too , like when npc health ore 0, npc will down or something) revive x2 faster
Double Tap , Fire X2 Faster (rapid fire)
Stamin Up , No ideas
PHD Flopper , No falling damage and no damage from weapons (like RPG)
Deadshot Dai , No ideas
Mule Kick , No ideas

Secret Perk!

Candolier , Can carry x2 of ammo

Pack A Punch

Pistol = Dual Wield Pistol that shoot explosive rounds
Shotgun = X2 Of ammo (12) , X2 Damage
Gravgun = Like Super Gravgun
RPG = X2 Of damage
Crossbow = Explosive Bolts and X2 Of ammo (2)
SMG = Fire faster , X2 Damage
VR-11 = Using portal gun model , turn HEADCRAB ZOMBIES into human , but he will run away (attaract zombies , like monkey bomb)

Expect from the Juggernoug and Speed Cola, the rest are really hard to code

The ‘‘Candolier’’ Is Cutted from black ops , so maybe need to use ‘‘Imagine’’ to make model of it

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Or maybe we can use ‘‘Someone’’ Sweps to make the PaP weapons too…

Because we clearly need more copied uncreative content from Call of Duty.

I think the hardest part is all of the models, but I want to see how far. I can go with this(probably not very)