Request Phantasy Star Online (Gamecube) models here

Yeah, I’ve decided that since I can rip player models from PSO, I’d set up a thread for anyone that wants one. I know the models are horendously low poly, but still, if you don’t like it, don’t ask for it.

I CAN rip:
Players (the player you create when you start a new file, just give me an image of how they look first and how they are on the proportion scale)

I CAN’T rip:
MAGs, Weapons, enemies, item crates, item boxes, bosses. (I can rip them if and only if I am given action replay codes for obtaining said objects on a character and displaying them in some tiny area. Even then they might not work. I’m trying to emulate in Dolphin, and the Action Replay code support is a little poor.)

I can’t seem to rip most ‘enviroment’ things because DXripper doesn’t seem to take it. They’ll all come out with just blocky normals, no textures.
Well, okay, I CAN rip them but they come like this:

Unless I learn proper C++ and learn how to decode custom model formats I can’t get them natively :frowning:

Q: Are you going to rig these?
A: MAYBE. I’ll only rig something if I feel confident I can actually do it, I’m new to rigging models, entirely.

Q: Are you going to make playermodels?
A: Even less likely than normal rigging.

Q: Can you export in [FORMAT]?
A: If 3ds supports it (with a plugin or otherwise), yes.

Q: Can you rip models from [GAME-THAT-ISN’T-PSO I & II]
A: Uuuh, this is almost definitely a no. I don’t have III so I can’t rip from that anwyay.

Q: EW, these models are ugly!
A: What do you expect me to do? I don’t know how to prettify models :/

Q: Can you port these to GMod for me? :3:
A: When I look up a tutorial on doing so and decide I don’t want to work on lua, I guess so.

‘My’ RAcast:

Default HUcast:

EDIT: For anyone wondering about releases. No, not at the moment. My 3DS ripper has taken a liking to not ripping textures. That and I have other things I want to spend my time on. Sorry :confused:

If you want I’ll put up the like 2 models I have, lol. PM I guess.

Eww… Low poly.
If they are in max, you can easily port them to gmod. You just need to ragdoll them, make a QC, then compile. Make sure you compile the textures as well. If you want a prop, then compile the textures and use studio compiler to compile it. It it pretty easy.

you should port the different variants of the RAmar(Really wish I could take a picture of my RAmar to give you but its on a GCN >.>)

Just get the basic one for every class, yes?

I got the enemies. There’s a tool that let’s you rip them.

what’s with the low poly hate? if you didn’t know half life 2 models are low poly. Some people are just weird I guess.

It’s too bad this game didn’t work out on PC, I love it.

Blue burst wrks on PC. There are private servers running for it. google SCHTHACK.

Ah, nice! PSO:BB I assume?

Also, about the low poly, yeah. But textures can either make low poly difficult to notice, or make it blaringly obvious.

About the HUmars… please tell me what color he was, the potential combinations of like 30 texture sets and 5 heads can potentially mean hell.

Also, I’ll get working on the default of each class/race.

This should get you going for the PC Versions of PSO

Holy shit man, where did you find these?? Wow, thank you so much o*_*o

The gamecube version of PSO uses bml and nj files too, actually (inside the bml).

EDIT: I tried the bml convert, buttons don’t work, and the program crashes when I read a .nj file. Overflow :confused:

They’re made for the PC versions.

Bleh, thought it’d work on the Gamecube version since they are practically the same models. But the button on the bml extractor not working, I doubt that’d have to do with the files themselves.

So, man. You have to do this. Garry’s mod perfection.

The files might be the same extension, but they might have different offsets in the file’s structure.

if anyone needs blue burst, there is a free version out with all the files.
that is the link. is the registration website.the ******* link is mega upload .com.
WARNING I GOT A TROJAN VIRUS FROM IT. i know it can be fixed, and you don’t need the infected file to take the weps/enemies.

I’ve played that Phantasy Star game for the gamecube, me and my friend played this forest level.

I’ve been trying to get this stuff for years, how’d you manage to extract the geometery data?

I loved that game, too bad I don’t think models are going to be released. :frowning:

Shinamori would you happen to know how to extract the models of the map/weapon files? Or does exmldnet work for those to because so far i’m having some trouble extracting them using it.

This game was fucking awesome.

Played singleplayer up to level 106. Uuughhh.

I want poison lilies :frowning: