I am looking for planetside2 models, in specifics, completely enterable building models such as a TECH PLANT
If someone could either A do this or B something similar, it would be much appreciated.
Specific object format I am in need of is either OBJ or DAE.
-Random S.

RS. I don’t mean to be overly harsh or anything, but on the other Planetside 2 models thread you were acting like a dick.

What makes you think the modeller’s will help you with this, after you’ve proven yourself as a prat within less than ten posts?

oh so I’m a prat for not bowing down to trolls?

we are not trolls
your just an asshole.

What happened to this?
People here aren’t your lackeys, and they especially won’t even bother trying to help you if you act like an arrogant douche.

Here is a rock from Amerish. Go nuts

You’re* asshole

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Did I ask for lackeys?

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here is a dick 8=D go fuck yourself

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And that’s why nobody wants to help you around here. You’re more focused on being an asshole and insulting everyone else than getting the models that you say you need.

hey this guy is being a dick for no reason better listen to what he’s saying and do what he wants!!