[REQUEST] Player Freezeing Addon

I would like to request an addon that allows you to easially freeze players.

By which I mean on a server, you can pickup and move players, assuming your an admin.

Say an unruly player gets on, and you need to stop the destruction right now. Normally, if you have FAdmin, you need to click on the player and freeze them normally. What I am suggesting is to have players be treated like props if you are physgunning them. When you right click with a player in your hand, like a prop, it will become frozen (via FAdmin), and when you left click, it will unfreeze.

I think this would be a big help to server managers everywhere.

Best of luck, PieCrafted

(PS I am new, and I have no clue where addon requests go, so I put them here.)

Hey there, this section is for releasing addons. Generally, Facepunch users don’t do full requests, but someone in Developer Discussion should be able to point you in the right direction