(Request) player model for HL2

I was wondering if anyone could give me a player model for use in Half Life 2 so that I could play it in third person without the ugly gray placeholder. I don’t even care which model it is aslong as it’s not the placeholder (it must work of course).

Please help me out here.


Can’t you just give it animations and throw it into the half life 2 folder?

The real question is why would you play hl2 in thirdperson anyway? :v:

I don’t know where I’d put the files. Can you give me a file path name? Also i don’t know what to name the files so they’ll replace the placeholder model.

Model’s textures = Materials folder
Model= Models folder

The placeholder model should be replaced automatically.

Source games aren’t exactly like gmod, but they function the same. As an example, let’s say you wanted to override the combine solder model. You would create a “models” and “materials” folder. Just throw in the models in the correct folders from there and it will overwrite whatever it was you wanted to replace.

So which folder would the default player model occupy? I understand everything else (which folder inside models and materials, like how w_shotgun would be the shotgun, what would be the player)

just models/player.mdl

make sure to decompile whichever model you choose though because it wont show up if you rename it “player” seeing as each model has a different amount of characters

Thanks I got it to work.

Most people play synergy instead of going to such lengths.