[REQUEST] Player Model Making

I have a ragdoll that I would like made into a player model.


The model in this pack I would like is yu_noglass.

PM me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087113542

We will discuss the price there.

Thank you in advance.

Use Ragmorph addon

It’s a smaller model, and I’m trying to use it for my own server. It causes an odd issue where the face clips through the collar, the back tilts oddly, and the crotch extends in a hilariously scary way.

Try using advanced bone tool on the rag doll before applying Ragmorph

I’ve also attempted to use Bender to tweak it into a HL2 Player Model’s Skeleton of Breen, but I can’t get the skeleton in a nice position, and even after, I’ve discovered that I’m useless at weight painting. I’ve yet to go past that part.

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I did not know about this, so I’ll try this out.

For that,unfortunately I don’t know
My wild guess I think it’s has some connection to bone

Is there a Tutorial on this? I can’t seem to be able to make them work the way I want them to, and all I can find is people showing you how to make heads absolutely massive.

I don’t really know,but try Mariokart ragdolling guide

I guess where I went wrong is using Bender. 3ds Max is a little more simple to use, and it’s not too taxing.

the older version does,but the new one require somewhat beefy spec

I honestly give up. I have tried for the past few hours attempting to get this to work. My offer still stands to pay someone to do this. I’m honestly sick of it both Blender and 3ds Max. I went back to Blender because trying to make the .gma file to a .smd file started becoming far too much work, I lined up the skeleton the best I could, and then the weight painting swamped me for another hour, then came the scripting which I kept getting errors so I gave up.

Try asking for help from skilled rigger

Give rigging another shot. Here’s a video I made for Blender users.
Also next time put this thread in the Developer section, not the general discussion section.