Request - Please DISABLE Family Share

I’m having issues with hackers and I’ve figured out it’s due to family share. They buy the game once, share it across multiple accounts and I can’t ban them quick enough. Please, if at all possible disable the support for this feature. It’s making it impossible to protect a server against hackers.

i see no reason to allow it anyway.

family share should have a cap of transitions.

How else can i change my skin color then ? (I’m joking)

It already has.

There is a Steam API call to obtain the actual game owner of a game being used over family share, and via the use of plugins you can then work out if that Rust-owning account is a Steam ID you’ve previously banned, or has a VAC ban, or whatever else you could want to do with that data.

I don’t think garry’s using it, but I suspect it may be time to either add some server admin functionality to address family sharing (such as identifying a family-share account and offering the host Steam account to the server admin–but not the whole server, although as mentioned a plugin could broadcast that info more openly) or block it from working with Rust. It’s been a favourite for cheaters for months and it’s only becoming more popular.

there is a plugins that doesnt allow to play from family shared accounts. i dont know its name but admins are using it

it looks like this when u try to connect from family shared acc

Heard back from garry when I contacted him via twitter, looks like he’s working on it :slight_smile:

Outright denial of Family-Share use in Rust should not be the goal, rather the ability to identify the Game-Owner account in order to appropriately address hacking or other contraventions of Rust’s TOS/TOU. Family-Share is a great way to entice our mates and/or family into joining us in our nurturing of tRust-issues.