[Request] Points Tool/Option?

I thought of a new tool, But sadly due to my little knowledge of Lua I wouldnt be able to make it myself. I am just wondering if anyone is willing to make this tool, not just for me but for the entire Gmod community.

Points tool: The points tool will be fully customizable. It will let you toggle it on and off in-game just in case you don’t need it every now and then. Basicly the points tool will, like i said be toggleable on and off, it will have a HUD that will appear on screen and will start on 0. You will be able to set what NPCs give you points and what NPCs dont, you could also make it so when a certain point number is reached a chosen numpad key will be activated which will open a door or set off dynamite and many other things (For example: Points=100 [KEY: 8 Activated] ). Maybe the Points would also be possible to get by not only killing NPCs but also by braking props or collecting weapons/items like Medkits. The points tool would be more like an Option then a tool. I really hope someone makes this, it would be a very usefull thing to use in Saves and maps.
I really hope someone offers to make this. Thank you!