Request pokemon Paul ragdoll

I know this will most likley be a no, but could someone make a ragdoll of Paul from pokemon Diamond and Pearl, I just want him for videos of kicking the smuchks’s ass around if not, thats okay Its just we got Ash and May ragdolls I just throwing it out there

Hmm, I’ll see what I can do.


Rough draft. Needs a head.

thats gonna be tough but really good!

Just needs textures then I can move on to rigging.


Man, you work fast NCD… I might want a personal request from you myself sometime…

Depends on what it is Coonfoot. Being Unemployed leaves me a lot of free time to work on stuff like this. I wasn’t able to get any more work done on the model since my last post though, unfortunately my boyfriend took my computer away till later today because I was up on it all night last night, or I guess technically the night before last now. I argued that in my defense, its really hard to sleep when I keep getting accidentally kneed in the balls every time I finally drift off, but sadly that didn’t help. its too bad they don’t have blender for Android.

Well thank you for doing so much and I am sorry for the trouble you wen’t through with my request

It’s alright. I haven’t forgotten about it, in fact, i’ve spent the whole day trying to make textures for this thing that I don’t think look like complete shit.

Im sure they will be good!