[Request] Pokemon trainers + pokemon animations.

I’ve seen a lot of pokemon models flying about but I’ve not actually seen any trainer models, does anyone have them?

On that note, does anyone have any animations for pokemon models? Attack animations etc?



I’ve seen pics of a trainer model posted in the Pokemon WIP thread but I highly doubt anyone ever made animations. Even if they have it’s probably only for a single SFM video and never released.

I’m pretty sure it’s possible to export models from XY/ORAS with all their animations using Ohana3DS. The problem is the directory structure in Pokemon games is a complete disaster from an observer’s point of view, so it’s impossible to tell what’s what, and you might have to dig through hundreds of files to find exactly the ones you want.
There’s a few lists that describe which directories contain what floating around, however:

For all intents and purposes, it should be possible, it just happens to be a massive headache to get everything together.