[Request] Prop For Roleplaying

Well I think it would be realy cool for someone to make a

Ambulance , Stretcher board, and if possible a ambulance chopper.

I’ve been looking all over gmod.org for a download but I can’t find it.

If someone does have it, post a link. Thanks

Just requesting doesn’t help. Here in facepunch we incentivate creativity telling new users to learn how to create textures or models. So I suggest you to make it for yourself.

Don’t know how but I’m ready to learn?
Could maybe someone give me tuts for some basic prop design. and coloring and stuff like that.

If anything I would enjoy a basic orange stretcher.

Let me google that for you

That helped :slight_smile:
Im to lazy to do it my self…
Your lucky I got enought motivation to click the link

No problem buddy, we are here to help.Mostly.

Except for when you thrash some random RP community

Why me? Why don’t you?