Hi everyone!

I’m opening this thread because I’m having a lot of problems trying to export by myself the model.

Those problems are: XNALara is giving me more problems even I downloading everything it needs to work properly,
my PC (I don’t know why) can’t handle the model with textures on Blender.

Here are the links for the models:
http://luxox18.deviantart.com/art/Metal-Gear-Solid-The-Phantom-Quiet-XOF-561132980 (High poly, but no rig, textures on .DDS and mesh .Obj)
http://thepwa.deviantart.com/art/MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Quiet-XOF-583456745 (this one is already exported to XNALara, but, slightly less polished)
I would pay for someone to do this, but since I can’t afford right now I’m puting on your hands.

                                                                                                                                                                         Thanks for your attention.

One already got released for SFM by Red Menace, its a nude model but still has the XOF gear along with a multitude of bodygroups

Can you send me a link or anything?
I can’t find the guy, only the workshop itens, which isn’t what i’m looking for.

Go to Sfmlab.com, sign up, go to settings and allow nsfw content.

I’m warning ya pal, there’s some shit you don’t wanna see

I’ve already done that, but I’m looking for XOF Suit that Quiet uses in the beginning or the unlockable one, and I can’t these ported neither to GMod nor to SFM.

It’s on tumblr, on RedMenace’s tumblr iirc.

But… is it available to download? Thats my question, because I’ve hearded that he doesn’t give his models to anyone, you kinda need to “earn” it.


Okay, i’ll try to find it… guess I’m going to some HEAVY shit…
I’ll tell if I find that model, thanks!

“Well f@#%, back to porn then!”

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Alright, I’ve run thgrough a lot of shit, and I couldn’t find the damm link, can you send it to me?
I’m going to delete this thread after I’ve download it, I kind understand his motivation on not
letting everybody puttint their hands on every model they want for free.

There was a Gmod port of Red Menace’s Quiet release released on Official DigitalEro a few weeks back (which also happens to come with ports of his Paz and Laughing Wallaby releases in case you need those as well). I have to say that the guy who handled the porting process didn’t do a particularly good job with Quiet - her fingerposing is wonky to the point where you’d be better off relying on the Advanced Bone Tool rather than Gmod’s stock fingerposing tool, and some of her outfits have lighting issues on certain maps (though you’ll be happy to know this doesn’t affect her XOF uniform).

The releases section of the website is members-only, so you’ll have to make yourself a login. The name of the thread is ‘Red Menace and Smug Bastard’s Metal Gear Solid Pack’ or something like that, and I should also note that you’ll need a bone merger tool to attach Quiet’s outfits.

Thanks mate, I’m grateful for your answer, I’ll try to find it when I get home, I’ll notify if something that wans’t suposed to happen, happen.

Thanks guys, now that I’ve got the model, I was thinking in letting this thread open, as a tip to where the others should look. I don’t know, tell me what I should do with this thread.

Personally, what I’d do as a model-worker, is import both the Luxox high-quality no-rig version of her, and the Thepwa xnalara rigged version of her, and transpose the rigging of the rigged version to the high-quality version, clean up the tough spots, and then use that.

Hopefully you can find someone who likes Quiet enough to take the time to do that. That person is not I, unfortunately.

Alright, better let it open then, there will be someone who may want to port the model.