Request Ragdoll Detective Conan (Mesh made)

I have a very good mesh of Conan from Detective Conan that I have been trying to rig…for about a month now. I am completely inexperienced, and can admit this. I was curious if there was anyone out there willing to take a look at this mesh and see if they could rig it into Gmod as a ragdoll for me or would like to help me do so. I have linked an image to the model as well and have a file to it of course. However the version of 3dsmax I am using is 2013 so I am not sure how it would effect this process.

Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

Here is a pic of the mesh itself

EDIT: I have been trying to rig it as well but as explained, I am so new at this. I can give some specs though on what some of my fail ventures have produced.