[REQUEST] Ralph Mcquarrie's Luke Skywalker From TFU2 (Files Included)

This model is from The Force Unleashed 2 and I really want this thing.
I would try to learn how to port and rig it myself but I lack the programs to do so.
I assume this needs to be rigged and given finger posing and some faceposing and all that other good stuff.
I really hope I included all the files required.

Thanks in advance.

Oh this is what it looks like by the way if you’re reading this and wondering just what in the fuck I’m wanting.

its not rigged?

Edit: ah this is the raw file. you can open it with the GTO plugin in with noesis and get it rigged.

Edit: anyway here, He has no modeled face so just finger and eye posing, can anyone tell me though, I haven’t worked on materials in a long time, how does the spec maps work? I have them in the alpha chanel of the normal map but that isnt doing anything, is there a code in the VMT?


Strange that there are so many random unlockable characters in tfu. Not complaining or anything because this is really cool, but somebody had to put some serious effort into this.

Oh my god!
Thank you so much!
Let me try and handle the textures please, I know those best and I want to learn more.
Seriously, fucking thank you!

Oh god, if I had more time I would port those models badly. Anyway if anyone can publish the models in .GTO or any format with bones would be cool.

Already did that, can;t find my thread for it though http://www.mediafire.com/?7y5yim0uncdpr its in PSK format.

edit: sigh* woulda released this ragdoll like a hour ago but steam is to busy to start garrys mod … so I cant test it for now.

I could try and test it.

I Cant seem to get rid of two bugs
eye posing- eye posing works perfectly in HLMV but ingame the eyes scroll based on the orientation of the head, I dont know if its cause its the bone its attached to or what.

Finger posing doesnt work even though all the bones are labbeled correctly
I don’t have time to troubleshoot these bugs for 3 hours so if anyone wants to just take a look at the source files.
Not sure what im doing wrong, I haven’t compiled anything for garrys mod since last year so I might just be forgetting some minor details.


I’ll give it a look, I think I have encountered and solved almost every eye posing and finger posing problem possible… :v:

lol so does that mean you solved that ME1 Ash problem you had waaaay back when? :smiley:


Eye posing require 1 flex to work, else they won’t move relative to the head. I think you need to have the hand bones renamed too but I’m not sure. If I have time this weekend I will look at it.

DIdn’t know about the flex thing, but the hands are already renamed.

Any updates on progress, or has everyone forgotten about this?

I havent forgotten I just havent figured it out :smiley: