Request: Remake of PirateShip Wars!

Hiya everyone,

I found PirateShip Wars a few days ago, its a hidden gem in Gmod - Only 2 servers are running this game-mode at the moment but its one of the funnest I’ve played (and many people agree with me). The gamemode developer stopped updating this a few years ago so the gameplay is running dry at the moment. For anyone this knows the game-mode here is my idea:

Within the game there are many classes, each class has its own roll/perks such as,
Captain - Only one, captains the ship.
Watcher - Gets Binos/a scoped musket - Cannot use the cannons
Deckhand - Same as what we have now (minus the explosives)
Explosives guy- Gets some powerful explosives that can be planted under/on enemy ships (Very slow movement speed though)

I think this game-mode has loads of potential to be one of the best game-modes on GMod. If anyone is up for the challenge of re-vamping it then please do so.

Y’know, I loved pirateship wars, and thought it was pretty fun (besides only playing 3 songs on the server, that was pretty lame)

Although I’m unsure of the classes, because it was nice to freelance and not worry about the captain being killed. I was able to noscope people with muskets from far away anyways, and I headshotted someone on the other side of a certain map, so it’s certainly not necessary, I think.

But otherwise; I second the return of this gamemode. It was pretty fun to play, even if you lost.

I think the gamemode was pretty uncared for.

The ships were buggy and not much was cared about.

What I think would (have) improve(d) it is:

-Bigger ships
-Bigger maps
-MORE FOG (but not too much fog)
-Better classes than Jonzky’s suggestions? (Deckhand seems fine)

Yeh, (Not sure the rules on “advertisement” but) ECGamers(.com) have decided to host the PSWs on one of their servers and it can handle the gamemode nicely. A few hours a day its normally full of 18 people and most enjoy it a lot.

All we need is some talented people to pick up the gamemode and put some work into it. The classes should be easy(ish) to implement as other game-modes use clases and I assume a lot of the code can be copied. New weapons/Ships may be harder but I guess you can just provide upgrades to already existing weapons (scoped/reload time/ammo).

As for the new maps - I thought of a whole new design. If you have a tactical island with cannons/towers on so the majority of the fight can be there. If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to create maps I might try to make a few (basic ones).

Even if we cannot find anyone to pickup this project, could people consider playing it/hosting it so that its profile can be raised and more people drawn into it. Its a shame for a game-mode with so much potential to be wasted.