[REQUEST] Requesting Port of Original characters to SFM. willing to Teach film/game design in return

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...GUY SHIP.zip](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72478892/LOGO GUY SHIP.zip) This file contains blender files of some of the various models seen below. If you are interested in working on this , contact me immediately through steam, and once im convinced you aren’t a maniac, we’ll talk on skype.

Anyway, without further Ado, here’s my models. They’re Intentionally Lowpoly so I was trying to focus on building my own style rather than creating super complex models.


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72478892/Snips/villain helmet.PNG









And just for shits and giggles, this last one is probably a lost cause because the topography is so bad, but its my first model and I’d love to see it brought to life


I’m, not a smart man, nor am I a great modeller. I’ve not had alot of practice, but a while back I put together a small set of lowpoly characters and props for use in my own works. They are designs by me, which were put together for a series I was developing. I’ve done the modelling work, on the characters, they are super low poly, and they will require rigging (maybe some alterations to parts of joints to prevent deformation as well) , UVmapping, possibly some skinning though the models have material assignments already. I’m pretty happy with how the models are, for what they are, but I dont have the energy or focus to spend on getting these guys working. My main focus is on a Big BIG community project, but I still want to see the models get ported into SFM, hopefully before that other thing kicks off. this is personal to me, so I’m willing to pay, but I’m not financially liquid right now (think, nothing). Also, I’m a crappy person because I cant pay in work, something about doing freelance work on other peoples projects messes with my head and becomes difficult. but what I can do, is Teach. All i’ve got left is 10-12 years under my belt of machinima and film and game and modding experience, and for 8 of those years I’ve also been a cinematic Artist at several video game studios, including Bioware and Telltale games, and I’ve got alot of experience in 1 on 1 mentoring and training. In exchange for Help porting these models I have created I can offer a whatever is an appropriate number of 1 on 1 lessons in filmaking/game design/or hell just psychotherapy. Whatever you want , I’m putting my experience out there as a teacher. I can teach most aspects of source related things except model porting (obviously) and hammer, but beyond that I can help you learn how to tell a story through camerawork, choreograph complex scenes, Tell interesting stories, or even build interesting games. I find alot of pleasure in teaching or consulting and I think I have something of value to offer there.

In the short term i just want the models I’m about to link to Ported to SFM, In return, I can help you get some serious and well rounded 1 on 1 learning done. if you’re interested in that , add me on steamhttp://steamcommunity.com/id/Zachariah/
In the long term I’d love to find someone who can Teach me to do this work myself, instead of just me asking for others to do my work for me, but life is always a balancing act, so I cant’ add deeper model work to my current taskload until I get that community project I mentioned kicking.

ANYWAY . TLDR: rig and port my crappy models, and Ill teach you game development and/or cinematic work/narrative stuff /mentorship.

PS plz dont steal these models they are my OC! I will sue!!! but nah if they get ported and people want to use them I’m fine with that as long as they dont start building a brand with it and are willing to work with me if the characters ever get to the level of any sort of legal copyright stuff . but I like the idea of releasing them all the same if people want.
Without further Ado. The File. and some pictures

nice style. but if somebody would port, all the materials would have to be converted. that hando guy is load. this is bad texture mapping. the common (naruto models) trick is…

you could/should consider copying the whole render setup, since you won’t get much more out of sfm. it’s not cycles. :wink:

my intention is to do these fullbright, and yeah I DO consider Blender or rather, unreal, as my long term goal is to put these in a game along with alot of better stuff, but those will be the V2 . Right now I’m just trying to get my life together, and I want to have these models I made somehow usable in sfm.

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And yeah, this is bad texture mapping. I dont know UVing or rigging very well. but the designs are inteded to be as is, solid colors , unlit, hard polys, those are all fine, I want to avoid all smoothing or soft edges etc.

the way those models look it’s super easy. cause i just did that real quick. testing myself how quick it is. you just gotta name and sort your stuff.

i had to repaint the palette with color picker on the material colors. then… just select the geometry. split (y) unwrap (u) scale down and g it in the bucket. :v:

yeah i made these in my spare time while I was working at telltale and I was trying to teach myself modelling. It fell off as work got more hectic (dunno if you know this, episodic games NEVER STOP COMING OUT!) . I know I can become a better modeller, but im’ happy with these, so I want to have them as I continue on my journey. I will return and fix these errors with my own work, but this is maybe not that day, or week. or even that year.

Lifes shitty, lifes fun. I hope people understand my low skill level here, and remember that they too were noobs. its a testament that a smart fella like me can be so durn dumb at modellin :stuck_out_tongue:

rigging sux. :v: it’s not hard tho. is it?!?

yeah the joints are going to need additional edge loops probably. rigging isnt my curse so much as UVwrapping, but because a dummy who does things linearly, I havent gotten deep into rigging because I feel I still gotta get past UVing better. but it brings me a great smile to see him in a pose finally

alot of the rigging just needs to be able to hit decent bends. but the actual animation is going to be essentially stopmotion. no tweening or splining, possibly even limb duplication etc. i’m not trying to be picasso here, I’d settle for 40 steps below David o’reilly, maybe that helps you understand how I am with low fidelity or slighlty weird models . (but elbows and kness that dont collapse are important), no smoothing, plenty of ailiasing, hard polygonal edges, possibly completely unlit or unlit with an AO bake (But not really if my topo is too shitty for clean rigging) . anyway, shoot me a steam invite duder.

i know that. the joints still collapse even with a second loop. i already had to remove the arms of the shirt and the stripes geometry and knife it in there to not deform and clip geometry. this sort of ‘overlay’ modelling is really not good for deformations whne the cuts are not on the edges. so you can just snip it and paste it in.

tho… should i or any other other person who wants to port these, model all this? it’s a lot of fixes to call this a ‘plain port’. and… i’m not really porting it right now. just a lil ‘fighting my bore’. it’s in a box on my desktop tho, so… i’ll maybe do some more when i feel like it. :v:


Like I mentioned, I’m up for trading mentorship and teaching in the ways of cinematics and filmmaking, its not much but its what I’ve got to barter with at the moment. it doesnt have to be a pure altruism thing. I’d hope someone could keep the geo pretty much the same (if topo needed tweaks or things, thats all good’n dandy. Simmilarly, the knees can be bult on hinges if that helps, same for the arms and pits. things can all be a bit off. but yeah ,i f you wanna help out or not its up to you. on steam I’m more available to talk

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Question, for shits and giggle,s what if you rigged the arms and legs like noodles, adventure time style with many more segments? would that help or hurt things? also, if you’re super bored , if you just focused on the lil devil guy and the simplified helmet (The first to pics, but again, talk to me on steam) those would be the highest priority things

I’m here to learn if anyone is willing to teach, and I’m here to teach if anyone is willing to learn

noodles? ugh. aren’t those this very overwatch style? that adds a layer of complexity to the rigging hierarchy. i’m not really sure i’d do it for ‘stop motion’. are you seriously targetting stop motion tho? just look. i put subd on the model. a lil raise in fidelity. full animation. it’s visually another style then your orignal pure flat tho.


you want to learn? :smile: and… i didn’t teach enough about this sort of modelling there? :v: you coulda do it yourself now… if you’d take it?!? lol

i’ll see what can figure out. will… try to work on those and contact you. i got it. i have a similar nolink account here. :wink:

I was very hesitant to open this thread, considering the other times somebody asked to port models…

Opinions is opinions, noodle arms work pretty great in adventure time and in o’reillys work, a lowpoy bendy arm setup could look great. I’m gonna FK these guys generally all the time, so I’m not particularly worried about SFM IK rigs even. though they’d be great if they worked. if yer not diggin what I’m trying to do here thats perfectly fine. These are some models I made and I’d like to nail my vision with them, I’m just thin on that particular skillset. but you’d be very very wrong to take me for an amateur on the larger art direction / design / execution stage. You’re speaking with a professional here and Im hoping to offer the one thing I’ve got right now, my own experience and teaching , in exchange fer work to my specs. ’

I’d love to chat if yer interested, but I’m looking for a friend, someone I can have a good relationship with where both parties benefit and reinforce eachother.

Sorry deathtrooper. No OC sonics here.

looks like this is the principle thats fucking the legs up

and here you wanna portrait you can fix/rig that? you can do it? i know that. i rigged a knee before. :smile:

I’m not sure we’re communicating very well, you and I. but please understand. I know what I’m doing on the grand scale. Im not some rank amateur, and you can look me up “Zachariah Scott” and see my work both proffessional and hobbyist. I am a master of many things, Modelling and rigging however is not a skill i have , that being said , I understand well enough, the perils of rigging, and can reccommend help in fixing a model I made while still not being able to do the work myself at the moment (like I said, I have multiple other project I must tackle).

I’m not looking for a portrait, I’m looking for somebody interested in properly rigging the models. please don’t come into a request thread and then tell the Op to do it themselves. thats a bit redundant and you might as well save yer breath