Request: Rig this dog to a player

I’m terrible at modelling, and i just need this rigged.

i know it’ll probably come out terrible, but that’s fine it just needs to work.

IS there at least a picture? I’m not a model rigger, but I would like to see a picture of what you’re talking about first.

Same here.

This is from rusty, he was working on rigging it but gave up

I know it looks ridiculous, but can anybody rig it?

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Oh, i also don’t need the glasses if those are in there

what if i said there was money in for it. eeh guys

well that sounds quite desperate

what’s this model for?

That thing is… Scary…

how much

I just really want it done
It’s a gmf thing, you’re gold, take a look.

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Dunno, 5$?

It’s just rigging

Rig it to the fast zombie.

extract it to your models folder it’s funny because all i had to do was change a line in the qc for it to be a player model unless thats not what you were asking for. if it wasnt let me know and ill get back to you tomorrow

It doesn’t appear to be rigged to the valve biped, at least modelviewer isn’t showing it

still looking for this to be rigged

ah alright

i’d help if i could but i suck at managing vertex weights

it’s not even that much work is it
just to rig it

if it’s so easy then do it yourself

except i don’t even know the basics and it would take much longer and turn out much worse if i did it rather than someone who knows what they’re doing

I can try. . . It’ll be a first for me but, it looks soooo worth it. I’ll get back to you.

if this is done, you should release it publicly too.