[REQUEST] Rigged Nenderoid/Figma arms ?

I’m wondering if anyone out there would be interested in a goofy task. To model a nenderoid style action figure base and posing arm. seen here.

I’d love to have this arm piece, with the base. for general usage on a couple of projects I’m working on which are going for a toy/like aesthetic.

Alternative styles include the Figma arm. which has a hex base and no curve seen here


I’m hoping to get the model of the arm / base riggable with IK, so that its like a single clav/upper/lower/hand rig chain. that way I can stick it into characters backs etc and just let the rig keep it straightened out.

I’m sure SOMEONE out there thinks this is a good idea, and its a simple as hell model.

some sneaks of what I’m gonna be using them for, but I’m not quite done with proportions.