[REQUEST] Rome 2: Total War Romans/Models of the era

I don’t normally do this at all but I’ve been really curious as to what the likelihood of being able to successfully port models over from a game like that is? They’re pretty high-poly and detailed for an RTS so I imagine with a bit of tweaking from someone capable, they’d make fine additions for Garrysmod and SFM. It’s also important to note that we really don’t have models from that era to begin with and I believe it can open up for some pretty creative possibilities in the future.

So is it even possible? Has anyone tried?

If if it can work then I feel like a basic port of the Legionnaires and maybe some Gauls or Picts to sweeten the deal would be pretty cool. Bodygroup some gear pieces, helmets, skins and I think you’d have something worth releasing.

Any takers? If it’s not possible due to technical limitations or general will to do it, then at least I’d like to know.

Thanks if anyone can!

I know jack about Gmod rigging, but there’s an Unwrap3D plugin that exports models, rigs and animation from Rome 2. Even if the skeletons aren’t compatible at all, some folk surely could rerig them.

from ryse son of rome