request Rule of Rose character model

Could someone can rip the model from rule of rose game

Maybe it’d be helpful if you specified the character you want?

rule of rose is playstation 2 game

That doesn’t tell anyone about the specific characters you are wanting from the game. That only tells people what console it was available for.

main character

You know, for people who aren’t aware of who the main character is, that honestly doesn’t say much without providing any reference images of the character in question. You may want to consider find an image of the character and posting it here in the thread to help point them in the direction of what to look for.

And as a small tip, consider throwing the image link in between the [noparse]

[/noparse] tags if the image is a bit large (length-wise or width-wise). It’ll reduce the size of the image to something that won’t take up as much space on the page.

I did some research, seeing as how the OP didn’t do any.

Here’s the main character the OP is asking for, Jennifer.

Thank you

i want character jennifer diana wendy and meg

Learn some English, jesus christ.

I KNOW RIGHT, i mean dude if you’re gonna type/speak english you gotta learn it first.


Calm down. You can’t really blame him for wanting a model ported like everybody else simply because he wasn’t born in a country that speaks the same language as us. No need to descriminate, at least he’s trying.

oh no no i’m not trying to be rude, i mean if we cant understand what you’re trying to tell us you might want to rephrase it. I wasn’t trying to be rude.

If someone could ripp it, thank you