request: ryofu ragdoll/player charachter

the is a character from the anime ikki tousen,

there is a game for the PS2 called Ikki Tousen: Shining dragon she (as well as the other charachters) are all rendered in full anime 3d(?)

id appreciate and give internetz/cookies/ to anyone who would be willing to take this on

thank you :slight_smile:

You are not allowed to like anime on Facepunch. I got flamed to hell and back for it, and I suggest you think twice before you request.

That said, i’m loving that panty shot

ifigured id try, its mainly a request for a steamgroup/clan im part of that uses this anime charachter as a spray in varius servers of gmod :stuck_out_tongue: figured id take a shot at getting a player modle so we could take it one step further

go back to hentai foundry

never been there, not looking for hentai, :stuck_out_tongue: not asking for a nude, just throwing myself out here to see if someone could do it :slight_smile:

The likelihood of someone helping you with a request for a model of a character that has probably never appeared in any sort of program that uses 3D models is practically nonexistent. Especially if nobody else expresses interest in it. You’re left with two options here: find a 3D model of this character that can be ported into Gmod, or make it yourself.

she has appeared in a game that i am pretty sure ended up being ported into a PC format.

it was a game similar to the dynasty warriors series. called Ikki Tousen: Shining Dragon. for the Ps2

You should’ve mentioned that in the OP, then. How is anyone supposed to know it exists, let alone where to find it, if you don’t give any sort of information?

to be 100% honest i wasnt sure if you could port modles from one game to another, i know most cases its not legal like with Oblivion. but with what im seing here on the forum its ok for garys mod?

Yes, people request ports all the time. In fact most of the requests here are probably for ports.

thank you for clarifying that for me :slight_smile:

Like I said many times before it is a lack of good taste.

You know, it might help if you provided a download of the model, or at least a link to where it might be found, so that people who can help you don’t have to waste their time finding it themselves.

lol i wont lie, i have only some animes i can truly enjoy, this is one of them


looking for the files right now

Ryofu Model wearing her Default Outfit
Needs the hands attached and then rigged for GMOD etc.

om how did you find the file so fast? im still sorting through the files one by one

I’ve had all the relevant character files unpacked in there original format for a while now :\

Problem is almost everyone here hates anime related stuff coupled with the fact that there are few who would actually want to rig the models to GMOD I just kept the models to myself. I’m a nice guy though compared to most so if there is something I can do to help others who request stuff I’m happy to do it. Good luck with your request :smiley:

thank you so much :slight_smile:

if someone can fix the hands to the arms ill see what i can do to get it into gmod on my own :slight_smile: