Request(s): Original Xana (Demon Form) from DMOMM & Garrett from Thief 1/2/3?

Does anyone have these or know where I can find them? I know there is a remodeled Xana demon, shiny and hairless, I want the original skin/model, hair, horns and all, and as for Garrett, I’ve ran into a wall on that one as well. Tried Google, every database I could find, no luck.

(New to Gmod and to the Forums, so if I violated a rule, I’m sorry.)

Very wrong section, you need to post this here.
About Garrett though, there’ll be something that’ll interest you released on 24th.

Should I repost or can it be moved? Not sure how I missed the request section.

A mod will probably move it. If I remember right, you can get xana by extracting the model from the GCF and renaming the metrocop phys model to hers. At least, that’s what I think you can do.

I support Garret, he is way better than Ezio from Assassin’s Creed

Search for Dark Messiah on
Download B_CANSIN’S Dark messiah stuff.
Follow instructions.

Get most of the models from the game.