[Request] S.T.A.L.K.E.R. model pack

Ohai everyone, welcome to that request.
As a person without any skills in modelling i am here to request your help;
In fact, i’m working on a schema (Clockwork), more precisely on a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. schema.

Anyway, i need some models to complete the content of my server.
If the request, seems okay to you, here what I aim for thoses models:

Military models only.
(Don’t worry, valve bones and Stalker ones are almost the same)

  • Bodygroups (full and complete of each models)
  • Citizen animations
  • From stalker Shadow of chernobyl

Yeah I know thoses threads with some stalker models, but they’re random and even incomplete or without hl2 animations, so pretty useless to clockwork animation script.
If you can answer to my problem, i would like to thank you a lot!

Good day/night to you all, keep cool!

Might want to reword your inquiry here. Took me awhile to figure out you wanted existing models turned into playermodels.

Have you looked at TnB? They have a load of stalker playermodels.

Want a quick answer? TnB only have custom models, so it’s not for other players.